Graudenzi Alex

Alex Graudenzi

Tenure-track Researcher and Co-head of the DCB lab



  • Tenure-track Researcher (“RTD-B”), Dept. of Informatics, Systems and Communications (DISCo), Univ. of Milan-Bicocca.
  • Co-head of the Data and Computational Biology Lab, Univ. of Milan-Bicocca
  • Director of the Lake Como School of Advanced Studies on Cancer Development and Complexity.
  • Member of the B4 Bicocca Bioinformatics, Biostatistics and Bioimaging Centre, Milan, Italy


  • Indexed publications: 61 (Scopus), 33 as first, last or corresponding author (update 1-apr-22)
  • Overall citations: 1196 (Scholar) 710 (Scopus)
  • H-index: 19 (Scholar) 16 (Scopus)
  • i-10 index: 33 (Scholar)

Research keywords: data science, artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, computational biology, complex systems, cancer/viral evolution.


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